Tips For Hiring Freelance Videographers In London

Tips For Hiring Freelance Videographers In London

Video is in demand now, more than ever. A picture may say a thousands words but a video can capture a moment and replay it perfectly, as many times as you want. As a result, you may be considering hiring freelance videographers in London for your next big event. However, there are many factors you need to consider when hiring a freelance videographer and we will now look at a few tips and guidelines to help you find a great one.

The very first thing you should do when considering any videographer is to ensure that they are proficient at their profession. You can do this by thoroughly checking all of their video samples on their website and social media pages. If there aren’t any samples that are easily accessible, then be sure to ask for a few. You should look at the videos and ensure that they are professional and many leagues ahead of amateur videography work. Additionally, be sure to pay close attention to the movement of the camera as well as their post production work. You should always look for a videographer that has created videos that are in line with what you want. This will ensure that you have the highest chance of being satisfied.

Next, you will have to consider the cost, especially if this is a huge limiting factor. Professional videos can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Now, the price would be greatly affected by the job that needs to be done and the videographer that you choose. Many videographers have a daily rate and the ones who have many years of experience typically charge a lot more than those with less experience. As a result, you should know your own budget and get a couple of quotations from different videographers. You should not hesitate to negotiate on price as well.

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Whichever videographer that you do hire, it is imperative that you give them a detailed brief on what you want and expect. This means that you should provide links to samples of videos that you like and want your own videos modeled after. You should also include all of the scenes that you want captured as well as the particular order of the scenes.

To wrap things up, when it comes to hiring freelance videographers in London, it is essential that you take your time and review as many videographers possible. This will help you to find one that you’re comfortable communicating with that can also deliver the type of videos you desire.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Training Video Production

A training video is one of the most significant types of content any company will produce. Training videos keep staff updated on the most advanced technology in the industry; therefore, allowing the company to outshine rivals at any moment. According to Forbes, this ‘culture of learning’ is one of the most valuable assets in any business.

Ask yourself: is your company producing beneficial training videos for staff? To create high-quality videos, it is advised that you use a video production professional. Below is information on how full-service video production agencies can be beneficial.

Benefit #1: Quick To The Finish Line

While the tortoise may win the race, to be noticed your company needs to be the speedy hare. If it takes too long to produce necessary training videos, the skills you want to teach may be outdated. Staying up to date with new techniques requires a mad dash for the finish line.

An all-in-one full-service video production business can take you through the procedure of video production quickly from pre-production planning to the post-production editing. A company creating quality training videos can help keep staff informed and ahead of rivals.

Benefit #2: Creative Work

Further benefits to using full-service video production companies is the combination of creativity and teamwork. Typically, the video production service operates as a cohesive team following the set vision for a training video. By working as a team, you will not need to explain the video concept over and over again to different people. It promotes creative flexibility and maximum inclusion.

Working together, the production team can also develop techniques to engage the staff while providing critical skills learning. Some innovative techniques that can be used include:

  • Animation
  • Aerial shots
  • Creative storytelling
  • Detailed scenery
  • Interactive tools

Benefit #3: Using High-Quality Equipment And Skills for Video Production

Another point to consider is the equipment used by the production company. Full-service training video production companies need to invest in a range of equipment, so you don’t have to provide the items. Professionals using specific equipment tend to be familiar with the software and devices resulting in high-quality effects and first-class training videos.

In many cases, staff tend to film training videos using an iPhone. Yes, it’s true, this actually happens with the video being used as a training resource for the company. This is an embarrassing option for video production despite being well-intentioned. The low-quality recording can appear poor and amateurish without any hint of professionalism. Furthermore, evidence shows that poorly produced training videos result in less productivity or effectiveness.

High-quality training videos are beneficial because they build a rapport with staff and retain this trust over a long period of time. According to surveys, good training videos makes the staff think they are part of a winning team. According to a dale Carnegie survey, employees show an increase in productivity of 200 percent after using a high-quality training video.

Benefit #4: Built-In Value Of The Video

In addition to building rapport, the use of a professional video production team can increase the value of the content. Instead of receiving various quotes for individual aspects of video production (filming, script writing, post-production), a full-service production company offers all elements of video production from beginning to end.

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This is useful if working with a limited budget and increases the overall outcome. Your company can provide staff with high-quality training videos without being charged for each part of the video production. It is considered a more holistic approach to video production.

Benefit #5: A Productive Long-Term Relationship With Staff

After viewing the first high-quality training video, the staff will more than likely be interested in viewing the next video. They will become excited about the training videos, which is significant to ensure consistency in training. For instance, Video Production Hertfordshire is known for continuous investment in staff training. As such, their sales-per-square-foot is double other restaurants in the industry; plus, they have a higher retention rate of employees than other national food chains.

Impressive training videos help develop a bond with staff – a bond that should be present in the video production team. When forming this type of working relationship with a production team, you will embrace a more powerful approach to training in your company. Moreover, as you continue to use the production service, the videos become easier to produce with better quality.


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